Friday, January 22, 2016


"Let words do what lips do, they kiss",

They cry
Tears and crystals
Snowflakes and fears

Words of salt, tasty
Jerked piece of meat

Words of sips
Exploding in flavors
Alas in Insipidity
Spit on paper

Words of encounters
Distilling drips of honey

And the master echoes within
“Let words do what lips do,
They kiss”

Eve plucks the apple
Hypnotized by the snake’s hiss
Red on red

The apple kisses the lips

To  George Wallace, the poet, whom inspired this poem with the first line he adapted from Shakeaspere

Friday, January 8, 2016

Regina's Chant

And so you are back
Missing king
playing on black
as I avoid you in white

White noise

Then music starts
eyes open wide
to let the light shine
the dance on the board

stop hiding behind your pawns
why them?

Let me be the silent
impassible queen

Let me keep my secrets
don't climb the vines
of ancient rooks, crook

The mitre is supposed to be
on the holy man's head
But the cross is on yours
to care, to carry...

We can't win this
Yet we can't run
the board is one
and time
not endless

Let's incrust this pieces
On the calendar
Align stars

bury in the sand
the Sun Stone
and contrasting
black and white
let the red clay zodiac
write a new day
on the almanac

Let's make the ink
of this tint wine
and work together
on a masterpiece:
ars gratia artis

Never call me mine
You might be the king
But I am my own queen
The only

If you ever see me bathing on the roof,
close your window
and I shall turn off
the moonlight