Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Yellow umbrella

Lost in the gray
darkness, mold, wet, cold
No faces, black umbrellas in the way
heavy coats, dark array
severe places, and it rains

We meet in the twilight
it was as yesterday
The room was clouded
Inside the open oak armoire,
shadows fade

Reflection of us
on the door's antique mirrors
The only sound persists
insists to rain
Spinning as on a wheel
molded pieces of clay
complete puzzle
condensation on the glasses
over ripened strawberries
Breathing soothingly with the rain

Melting dreams of sun
Then comes next day,
another rainy day in May
Remain silent, done
We just go away

Lost in the gray
darkness, mold, wet, cold
No faces, black umbrellas in the way
heavy coats, dark array
severe places, and it rains

We will meet in the bent
no longer friends Huck
The crosswalk in black contrasting
the white as chalk
It will be our runway
we will meet halfway
Don't stop, just keep your pace
no alterations
impassible face
On the other side tie your shoe lace
as we record our last glimpse
And to tell you how I feel
to scream over that insidious drizzle
I shall draw my yellow umbrella
as the sun it will shine warm
Melting candles, sweaty silk
and in your satin neck
of my lipstick

Monday, February 8, 2016

Open window

Through the lace
The wind swirls
Whirling tongue
Tasting my face

Buzzing swish
Transparent as the wings
Of invisible dragonfly

Dipped into the hues
The night whispers
Rays of a possible
Not yet full moon

She is there,
I feel her slender fingers
Caressing, hissing
Insidiously insisting

Up, wake up

The eyelids are shut
The dream wide open
Do not awaken love…
I tell in my heart,
Until the brumes
Dissipate into new dawn

Let me sleep
Hold my hand
Pull your wings
Keep warm my bare hips

Sleep with me
Sweet inspiration

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Call

A knock (...)
Open the door
please let in the music of the wind, the waters, the roars
the time is now for a new Woodstock

Incessantly life knocks
to deafs by choice
It wants to play the strings
of a tuned heart
it wants the metronome
of your binary tic toc

And all you hear is the ring
You're compassed by the clock
you ignore that tingling tongue
Your soul, screaming lyre
wants to break out in song

Not a place anymore,
not an icon to ever adore
your throat is dry
and the song is sweet
let out the big scream
make your angels go to sleep

If your honey drips
from smiley happy lips
let in the music of the wind
dig a well ever so deep

The day you understand
The wisdom of the insipidity
Quench your thirsty mouth
Clean the palate, let water roll down halls

Continuous sounds will make noise
but your voice, let it out
listening closer when the pause comes
Silence and sound
Fast and slow
Vibrant and sad
be a pendulum
like the world

A knock (...)
Do you hear me now?