Monday, August 20, 2012

Every girl's dream

Every girl's dream,
is a dream made of strong arms
in which she can safely close her eyes at night
protected while she protects him
of the monsters of dark night ouside
A pair of ears to hear her jokes
her sorrows
to cry and to laugh in togetherness
to talk
about... who cares?
To talk
She dreams to be rescued
from tall towers of fears
from the pain pastures of the past
because only he can do it!
He erases the scars
by being there
by sharing, even when silent
by the beauty, of l'amour
casting it's light to the misty skies of loneliness
transforming the stormy nights
into warm sumery swets
when embracing her
in exctase
She dreams of you,
even after years goes by
however just right
she learns, changes,
sees your changes,
in this long jorney
called life
and both hold hands
to look at the sun
at mid day
dreaming together
to stay to see the sunset.
I dream of you
Happy Birthday to my loved Theron!