Sunday, July 28, 2013


Digital Art by Ben Heine

Nuances and traits emphasizing differences
The white enlightening the black
The black shading white
A piece of a bank-less river
A mighty river
A black hat
A white feather
The mouth, full lips in black
A black that evokes burgundy
The black swimsuit on the slender body
The white towel lining the chair
The little girl holding a white duck
wearing black shoes
Her hair is black, the headband white
A grandmother blowing the flame of extinguished fire
A grandmother with white hair, black dress
Frank smile
A man of black mustache and suit
A white handkerchief on his pocket
A black briefcase. Where is he going?
Inside the white papers are hidden
on them the black calligraphy tells in ink dark words
The grandfather's glasses framed black
The teeth so white telling happiness
The black parrot on the shoulder, over the white shirt
A white sky
A black airplane
The bride in candid white
The dapper groom in black.
The baby wrapped in white blankets
The widow wears black, black umbrella
On the chessboard black and white
Dance figures in the old box of pictures
As a puzzle awaiting for the checkmate
While the movement of other eras
Mix inks insinuating shadows