Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Daises sprinkled on a carpet of bright green grass
Raised upon the ground
Extending the tender petals to a turquoise sky
A hopping bird nearby feast on wondrous worms
Munching with joy the meat from earth’s womb

Maze made of sinestesies, light, smells sounds
A touch of divine on the creature’s face, a
Daring taste of famine revolving the guts as he
Eats, continuously

Oyster full of unlimited possibilities, rainbows
Fading at the drying dew

Has this day really dawn? Why is there a frown?
As lilies and roses exhales their elixir
Zombie bees dance drunken scrollwork

Minding only to feed from the mother
Immanently waiting for the offspring
Raving she waits for the connection
Racing to produce the precious sap
Orderly placed everything is on time
Run!The food will be you