Thursday, September 13, 2012


Night sorceress
The moon peeking out from passing black clouds
The owl shrieks a grim peep
Wolves howl in response to the wind’s howls through the wires
Rusty hinges creak
boards of abandoned doors, broken locks cracks
Open pits in the greedy ground
muffled cries
Machiavellian eyes peer  from the blooming cornfield  
hissing snakes creeping out of the shadows
It needs to be very quiet,
not to wake the creatures
diving bats fly close to the neck
avid for the draculan treasure
the being twists in agony
anticipating the nooses hanging from the branches
frightened, the feet breaks a little branch
with a booming sound that suddenly makes the night silent
The wind blows out the flame of the lamp
in the cold night hot jet runs down the legs
There in the distance the evil bathroom seems to have it’s sarcastic mouth open
"Ah ha ha ha ha!
One more, "it seems to say.