Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's time

Time to sweep the dust
to remove the sumptuous dress from the closet
time to jump on the ashes of the extinguished fire
and throw away the old sorrows that no longer fit
It's time
to look in peace at the image in the mirror
not to stare at the wrinkles and white hairs
but at the life this passed time has represented
It's time to count the blessings
to plow new fields
to sow the good seed
to forget winter was ever here
By the warmth of the morning light caressing your dreams
It's time to dream so high
that only clouds are visible from above
Time to hope your dream is kept between soft Auroras
on paths made of cotton
It's time to let out your voice
in song
to undress from the wounds, the lusts
Time to walk so light that flying
It's time to stop at the beauty of the little grass flowers
to observe the ants
time to not count the stars
all part of the same sky
at the reach of your hands
It's time to laugh with the simplicity of a child
with the immaturity of a heart in love
time to pace your steps
at the compass of the piano
time to spin in pleasures of joy
time to embrace your Marys
to lie on your mom's lap
and feel the protection of your father
It's time to remember the pure springs
to forget the bottles confining life
time to unleash the genius
to thank the wise the silence
time to rebirth from dust
to sprout and bloom from ashes to the new
and to thank all it taught you what ended