Monday, January 28, 2013

The weeping of Santa Maria

Santa Maria cries.
Oh painful tears
What now?
The whole world at the sight of Santa Maria
Also puts on the black veil
Silent hills in the distance
Embrace her in fright
before the lips muted from songs

Santa Maria cries with no consolation
the acid cloud that wilted her flowers
the feverish heat sowing this pain

Santa Maria is crying the children
Cries the parents, cries the girls
The empty rooms
The gap
Sobbing in choir so many mothers Marias

A black stiletto lays on the scorched ground
witnessed the rush of Cinderella in reverse
Picks, axes, broke the wall
trying to appease the thirst flames
a hole torn from despair, crossing
to the side of the winged ones

Santa Maria weeps
Her happy children now heroes
sadden with marble memories

Yesterday Santa Maria rejoiced
with those who rejoice
Today Santa Maria weeps
with those who weep

Santa Maria weeps