Friday, March 8, 2013

The Alchemist

Why have thou bitten it?
Fooled by your own story
deceived by the phallic serpent

self condemned your crimson lips to sip
distilling poison into honey
to feed the bulging belly

Thou art housing 
endoplasmic reticulum
Root of splendorous tree
extending majestically upwards
as you are buried deeper into the gloomy soil 
towards the flaming heart of the Earth

Woman who glazes at your punishment
resting into the cradle of creation
With such grace of affections that you break
into rain of salt

Thou salts the Earth
from the insanity of foolish insipidity

Your emotions
poems of divinity
that reflects on the pearls of your teeth

Woman that bites again and again
the juicy fruit under the stare of the enchanting snake
Just to live again the embrace of the meiosis