Wednesday, April 6, 2016


In the name of the book
The book of face
On the face of the book
Liberty faces
Apex of humanity

Together congregated
In the temple of the Titans
Hiperion and theia
The new parents

Fiber optic castle
Binary utopicallity
Of the anti-phylum
Technological monolingualism

A single mouth
Omnipresent shouting
omniscience chaos
pinnacle of  human pride

On Pandora’s profile
Smiling faces,
Pictures of blue Caribbean waters
A child in the womb
A new car
- What a mansion!
Optical happiness’s
Celebrated disgraces

Ftono likes
It’s what thea sees
But shares with kronos
Intensionally planning
To through their children
In the abysses of Gaia

From Pandora’s box
Comes all evil of the world
But the worst
Is the though
That all thoughts will fit
The same tiny box

Share, like
Oh the pain of the ignored…

Face to face claim
Babel, babel, babel

Spear your tribes to the borders
Nosce te Ipsum
Confuse with the ones that understand you

May your face
Not deface others
Don’t wake up Krono’s rage
Refuse to speak the same language

Freedom of expression
Is to express
Not to outrage other’s thoughts
What greed to consider
That we ever spoke
Or will ever come to speak
Someday the same language

The betrayed mother dreams
That Reia must give birth
The the affable interface
That will touch clicks