Wednesday, April 6, 2016

True love: Spring love

Hail Earth, lovely Earth
Love blossoms in spring forms
Chirping creatures, distant echoes
Rushing sounds of airplanes
Blue sky, the same sky
Always opalescent in quadratic seasons
Port foundations
Of the great journey, the enigma
Grasses swaddled in blankets of myosotis
Tiny blue boons
Fattening bumblebees
Distilling in honey the sweet indigo
If only love could come back this way…
Overflowing the heart
Impregnating minds
If we could only follow the way
As  birds do
Oh dear spring
Fecund bud called love
Birthing in nuances, fragrances, in colors
If only the glory of this spring
Could rapture souls, wash wars
We would once again wash on the river,
drink from  springs
Who knows then what would say
The promised twilight
To the distant horizon